Skinny Birch Pie Co. | Learn More About Chef Amelia Rachlin

Skinny Birch Pie Co. creates small-batch, organic where possible, locally sourced when possible gourmet savoury and sweet pies that have 6" tops; they are sold frozen and raw in a vacuum sealed package that keeps them fresh and safe from contaminants. YOU-BAKE @ home in your own kitchen!

 The Skinny Birch branding hopes to become your trusted source of fine foods, gifts and products used in everyday life! Including Skinny Birch Pies, Skinny Birch Branded foods as well as Skinny Birch branded natural products for home and body, pets and more!

Locally sourced items and goods, Canadian-made and imported goods will also be supported in the online-shop!



Amelia’s Brief Story

 Amelia Rachlin is a chef ~ who has spent the last 20 years travelling and working around the globe, in France, Spain, the UK, Whistler, Hawaii, the USA and on the Caribbean seas ~ has finally decided to lay roots in Cornwall, ON, Canada. 

 Over the past 10 years, Amelia would periodically return to Canada and she would stay with her Mother, who lived in Lancaster, ON. She returned the Christmas of 2020 to spend it with her Mother who was stricken with terminal pancreatic cancer. Her Mother remained stable for many months and by then Amelia would refuse taking freelance work on the mega yachts so she could be a caregiver to her Mum.

Suffering from anticipatory grief-no close family to turn to-and realizing that the world would never be the same for her once she would lose her Mother, she knew she had to start to work on building a new life and foundation for herself. She started creating pie recipes. Then, the Pandemic hit! It was at that point that she had decided to fully commit to her business plans.

 Sadly, Amelia’s mother passed away (too young at 66) on May 18th, 2020 from terminal pancreatic cancer. Her Mother was the first to sample her Chicken Pot Pie and approve her logo for Skinny Birch Pie Co.

 Amelia is a qualified Head Chef and had spent the last 6 years working on privately owned Mega Yachts…after the death of her Mother, Amelia has been operating on adrenaline and channelling her grief into positive endeavours!

Once the Pandemic was made official, she kicked into action and is finally bringing to life the business ideas she had cultivated. Introducing Cornwall's newest gourmet pie company!